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Tear Gas Keyring by Sabre®

Tear Gas Keyring by Sabre®

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Tear Gas Keyring by Sabre®. Defend yourself in a self-defense situation with this red pepper spray and tear gas all in one convenient keychain. Fast, simple and easy to use - no marksmanship necessary - also contains an ultraviolet, light sensitive dye that aides police in suspect identification. Easily carried in pocket or purse - instructions on reverse of package. Fires approximately 30 stream pattern shots for a distance of about 8-12 feet (2 - 4 meters). Formula is the strongest allowed by law of 13% red pepper.

Note: This item will not be shipped to Alaska, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Washington DC, or Internationally.

You are responsible for checking applicable laws and regulations concerning the purchase of this item.

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