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Q. How long will it take until I receive my order(s)?

A. Your order is prepared for shipping (fulfilled) within 24 hours.  Depending on the location, shipping varies between 5-7 days (US contiguous).

Q. The product I received is damaged or incorrect. Is there anything I can do?

A. If your product is damaged or you received an incorrect product, please send us pictures of your damaged or incorrect product immediately. If confirmed that the product is damaged or incorrect we will issue a full refund. We have a wonderful company policy in which you can keep the product you received if your order is damaged or incorrect.

Q. Oops! I used the wrong shipping/delivery address, how do I change this?

A. It is important that you reach out to us immediately after you have made a purchase. Please email us your correct shipping/delivery address as well as your order number and product(s) purchased, and we will be more than happy to change your shipping/delivery address. 

Q. Why should I purchase here instead of Amazon?

A. We offer a wider selection of products, including self-protection and training gear which is not available via Amazon or ebay.  In addition, we are able to price the same items for less.  We know because we do sell via Amazon and ebay and the fees they charge sellers is extreme.  So, order discounted merchandise  and support small business with Sports and Fit Life.

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