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The 7 Reasons Why Women Love & Praise Yoga Pants and Why They Should Show Them Off During the NFL Season XOXO

Posted by Jennifer A. (who is so HAPPY that the NFL season is back!!! 🤗🙌)


Whether you call them leggings or yoga pants, one thing remains forever constant: They are the GO-TO pants choice for women everywhere. Period. God Given Honest Truth. Please don’t argue with me here cause we all know I'm right.

I mean, I'm wearing leggings at work right now and I will continue to do so after work. Whole Foods be ready! I even think my male colleague is rocking a pair today. Just kidding, but the way these pants are taking over, I wouldn't be surprised if he soon gave them a go. 

It's like a push-up bra for our butts. Amazing! Some people may claim that leggings don't qualify as pants, but I am here to tell you that they most certainly do!

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Why do so many girls love yoga pants and why should you buy them representing your favorite NFL team!? Well, allow me to enlighten you baby girl 😉:

1. They make you feel skinny or comfortable when you feel fat (that’s me constantly btw)

What other clothing item can make you feel skinny and better about yourself when you're having a fat day? Yoga pants are a damn miracle and should be embraced at each and every opportunity. And why not wear one that shows your pride for your favorite NFL team (cough cough Seahawks).


2. Even people with the flattest of asses can look like they have some junk in the trunk (just like your favorite hunky linemen, oh JJ Watt 😘)

It doesn't matter if this is real or an illusion! If it looks like she got a butt, well then, today baby, she has got a butt! A little cushion for a touchdown celebration!


3. You can wear them out on the town or to NFL Games/Tailgates

Why not be as comfortable as you possibly can while partying with your friends (forget the heels) or going to a game or tailgate? Leggings > Jeans, Skirts, Dresses, Shorts any day! And why not show off your team pride while doing so. And uhhh... please drink responsibly (guess I have to say that).


4. You can wear them to the gym and then straight out for drinks after (Happy Hour here I come!)  🍸 🍾 🥂

All you have to do is change your footwear, put on a sweater and you are good to go! Time to watch Sunday Night Football!


5. Generally, they're inexpensive (especially by our sponsored small business, Sports and Fit Life  ❤️  )

You can find leggings for cheap, unless you prefer the more expensive brands (geesh $100 for a LuLulemon pair!?). But, don't worry; you can also rationalize spending a fortune on one pair because you can wear them every day if you want to! However, luckily our sponsored store Sports and Fit Life sells them at reasonable prices!


6. They make you look athletic just like your favorite NFL player, even when you haven't stepped inside a gym in months (Idk how NFL players do it  🏈 💪 )

Everyone assumes you're in shape because you're wearing athletic gear. No one knows you just had four pizza slices, three beers, a tub of ice cream, and are thinking about your next meal. Whatever, doesn’t sound like a problem to me!

7. (Last But Not Least) They're multifunctional 🌈  🌧  ⛄️

You can wear them in any weather and time all the way until the Super Bowl!

And these are The 7 Reasons Why Women Love & Praise Yoga Pants and Why They Should Show Them Off During the NFL Season!

Thank you for reading :). Oh btw,

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