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8 Cheap Fitness Products People Actually Use & Swear By

8 Cheap Fitness Products People Actually Use
& Swear By

Posted By Jennifer A. & Tyler J. on October 2nd, 2017

1. The agility ladder drill set for increasing coordination, foot speed, and a great way to burn stubborn fat!

“This is my go to item for my athletes. This increases their foot coordination and speed. I have my players train on this at least 3 times a week. My players have shown immense improvement in their balance as well. It really shocked me on how effective it is. The product is very sturdy and multi-functional. The ladder bars can also be moved to change the pattern of the training. I am very glad I invested in this.” – California High School Football Coach

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2. A simple foam roller to workout your muscle kinks and joint & muscle pains. Great for blood circulation as well.

"The amount of NSFW words I shouted while rolling on this after getting this bad boy CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be understated and will definitely shock everyone darling. Holy Moly, this thing should be used to extract information from terrorists and/or cheating spouses. However, it does the job at hand, works out kinks in the muscles, and helps you break down all the nasty stuff, and for a really good price. I recommend it, but you may also want to gag yourself while you do it if you have small kids, as you WILL swear and then they will repeat it at school the next day while you put your hands up the air and give the look to the teacher like, 'How have they ever heard that word? I don't say those words, they must have heard that from Jimmy over there,' and then you go home and have a glass of wine to make yourself feel better. But hey, your muscles will not be as sore, so win-win baby!" — Pilates & Yoga Instructor and Mother of Two

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3. A gym bag to hold all your fitness belongings and even your shoes!

This gym bag is big enough for everyone — I wear a men's 13 and my shoes fit into the compartment area just fine. It keeps your shoes away from your clean clothes as well. The bag is durable enough and I have not had any problems yet with jammed zippers or tears. There is still more than enough room for enough clothing for a day or two and lots of room to spare if you are only taking a set workout clothes. The handles and straps on this bag are durable and I have had no issues with them. Outside pockets are plenty of space for keys, wallet, or really anything." — Tyler J.

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4. A yoga mat to help stop your joints from aching

I have tried previous traditional yoga mats and hated how they were essentially useless on the hard floors. This mat is amazing! It is much ticker. It’s easy on my hands, knees, joints, and back when I exercise. – Jennifer A.

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5. A durable water bottle that’ll last you a lifetime while banging around in your gym bag or when hiking and/or working out.

"I purchased two of these water bottles, one for my partner and another for myself. As an avid water drinker, I naturally drifted towards acquiring the bigger bottle for my 8-10 hour workdays. Despite the large size, it is very easy to drink out of the bottle, even when filled to the brim. It is also relatively light and easy to carry. My main motivation for purchasing this product is that 1) there aren't any BPA-related concerns, and 2) the bottles can last you a lifetime. I've owned these bottles for awhile now. After few years, they are still functional and there are no funky smells (but I only put water in my bottles)." – Christina H. (long time customer of Sports and Fit Life)

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6. The ab roller

"This little wheel really gives your core a workout. My advice for first-timers would be to watch a YouTube video on how to do it properly or ask a fitness instructor like myself. There are many ways you can do it wrong and get little to no benefit. The wheel itself is strong and moves freely and smoothly. The handles are nice and give a good grip. This is one of the best things you can use to really get your core into shape if you do it correctly." — 24 Hour Fitness Instructor

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7. Resistance Bands – Bands that’ll help you stay in the right formation and come in different strength levels

"I love these bands. I can do 10+ pushups without the band, but I have chicken wings (bad formed elbows). These bands help me keep my elbows locked in against my sides and I can keep working on them to better my form. Great for stretching too! Love these!" — Female Private Fitness Instructor

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8. The suspension training kit to get in a workout when you’re not near a gym.

I use this suspension training kit in my gym as well as in outdoors. These allow me to keep up with my workout while on the road. I found no functional difference between these and the heavy-duty gym straps. You have to be a little careful folding/rolling them up to get them to fit back in the bag, but it's a nice, compact travel package." – Sports and Fitness Customer

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And on behalf of the Sports and Fit Life Family,

 Thank you all for reading!

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